Why Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter- What do these of them have in common? Yes, not only are these the most popular social media sites but the combined users in all three platforms and others exceeds 3 Billion! With such a large userbase, we truly can say that the world is on the internet. In recent times, there has been a shift of digital marketing from traditional areas such as newspapers and television to Social media and YouTube. One of the reasons for this shift is higher levels of engagement from social media, creativity in the form of sponsored content, and several other ways. Social media advertising also allows you to selectively choose your target audience based on their age, interests, and so on maximizing the effect of advertisement. Social Media marketing also drives down customer acquisition costs thereby increasing overall profitability to your company. Social media marketing also does wonders as it helps create a strong online presence and brand image.

Social media marketing is imperfect for business of any nature, size or structure as social media offers the most beneficial tool of customization so as to allow business to advertise to their desired target audience.  The lower costs make is perfect for even new businesses allowing for better customer acquisition at lower costs. Additionally, Social Media Marketing provides for great Search Engine optimization results that will keep your business on top attracting more customers. 

Studies conducted show that business that opt for a social media form of marketing seek higher Return on Investment as opposed to their counterparts using traditional advertising forms. Additionally, if you are a brand looking to build your image or create a buzz, social media marketing is the perfect go-to.

For companies that especially youth-centric, Social media marketing has provided exceptional results. Social Media marketing will also allow you to streamline customer service and marketing all into a single platform reducing overall  handling costs and making your venture a more profitable one. It can also help reduce the turnover time by providing instantaneous contact which allows for higher customer retention.

Social Media marketing is the way to go if you are looking to get creative with your advertising. Options include sponsored content, Page engagement, Stories and posts. It also provides space for collaborations  and real life audience engagement making it the perfect option for any business model.  Considering all the advantages, investing in social media marketing is Definity worthwhile. 


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